1. Water Absorption Rate :-

    It is directly related to the porosity of the material because pores allow water molecules to pass through the material. Therefore, a material with the highest absorption rate renders it useless in any damp environment.

    Moreover, porosity also defines the level of strength of material against force, cold-heat cycles, and damages including stains, cracks, and breaks. Based on water absorption properties

  2. Sturdy Material :-
    We know natural stones have a hardness between 3 to 4 Mohr’s scales. It means it hard and tough material suitable for exterior applications where foot traffic is high and wears& tear is expected. Natural stone hardly breaks or cracks easily; it is thanks to its high compressive strength.
  3. Durable Choice :-
    atural stones used in exterior applications have low porosity, vitreous, and weather resistance. Therefore, it stays for a longer period compared to other paving solutions, perhaps for centuries. It hardly fades in color and appearance, instead natural wears & tears enhance its natural appeals more.
  4. Natural Beauty  :-
    Natural stones have grains, veins, patterns, and unique colors. The amalgamation of all renders it unique material with natural beauty that we love to stare all time with triggered imagination.
  5. Weather Resistance  :-
    The majority of natural stones are heat and frost resistant. Low water absorption and porosity render them water resistant material. Thus, stones remain cool during the hot summer months. Snowfalls and very cold climate cannot break or crack the surfaces of stones easily.Humidity retention is not an issue with a flooring layer of natural stones. If stones covered and some heat provided, those remain warmer in cold nights for exterior living.
  6. Diversity :
    Do you look a diversity in colors, grain size, grain style, veins, patterns, and styles to create unique layouts, natural stones have everything you can expect. Stones have each piece unique so give freedom to your eyes and mind to get bored or trapped in repetition.

Coating, finishing, and polishing like surface treatments make stones more resistant to water absorption, low dirt retention, and less prone to staining. Some standard cleaning and washing practices with plain water or innocent chemicals or solutions are enough to bring originality of stones.

Natural stones mostly come in big size slabs or tiles attached to each other with grout filling material. Therefore, sealing with chemical sands/cement or solutions prevent the growth of weeds easily. Moreover, you can replace damaged slabs or tiles quickly with low efforts and expense.

  • Matric slabs

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