Rubber floor rolls are extremely versatile. You may have never heard of them until now, but they are quite popular as gym flooring and outdoor flooring options.

Rubber gym flooring rolls are the most popular gym flooring option on the market. When it comes to gym flooring solutions, rubber is the most versatile. It is perfect for virtually any gym or workout and you have plenty of options to find the perfect solution for you.

Rubber gym flooring rolls come in a variety of different thickness options to suit your needs. You can even purchase rubber flooring specially designed to keep your joints safe during high-impact, plyometric movements.

Choose rubber gym floor tiles for:

  • Commercial gyms
  • Home gyms
  • Garage gyms
  • Weight rooms
  • Fitness studios
  • Cross Fit boxes

    1. Rubber Tiles 

We supply  world-class  Rubber Tiles in 10 MM, 15 MM, 20 MM & 25 MM thickness with 5 color option i.e. black, grey,green, blue & terracotta (red).

Many business owners love using rubber rolls in high-traffic areas. The thing about rubber is it is crazy durable. It can hold up to parades of people (and animals!) without breaking down or looking damaged.

The good news? When you’re looking at ideas for high-traffic areas, you can go with a thin, inexpensive rubber tiles. You can usually find a super affordable option    right around.

2. Interlocking Rubber Tiles 

Who wants to pay for professional flooring installation? If you choose to use rubber interlocking tiles, you won’t have to. Some flooring applications may seem like intimidating endeavors at first glance. If this is the case, and you are not confident in your flooring installation skills, hiring a professional to install your new floors may seem like the smartest thing to do. But while this might sound like a great idea, it is often not in your best interests to pay out for third party help.

Paying someone to install rubber flooring – especially interlocking rubber matting – is an excessive and unnecessary cost. The Rubber Flooring Experts have a solution to this problem: durable rubber interlocking tiles. They allow you to take installation into your own hands and lay the flooring yourself! This Do-It-Yourself flooring solution, also known as modular flooring, is incredibly easy to install, resilient, and cost effective.

3. Rubber Roll

Rubber rolls are known for their seamless appearance. When installed correctly, it is nearly impossible to see where one roll ends and another begins.True story: sometimes we try to use them to determine distance at my gym. I literally have to get my face almost in the floor to be able to see the seams. They are without a doubt the most consistent, cohesive gym floor option.

Rubber flooring is best known for its speckled, color fleck appearance. Most rubber rolls come with a black base and confetti-like color flecks. You can choose a color fleck to match the theme of your gym. Try blue color fleck with a blue accent wall to tie your gym together.

If you are looking for a bigger pop of color, check our the Designer Series rolls. These rubber rolls still have color fleck, but on a solid-colored base. They look super sharp.

4. Eva Mats

Soft Eva Foam Interlocking Mats Children Crawling Puzzle Jigsaw Interlocking Gym Exercise Fitness mat. Made from High Grade Soft Eva Foam Material with 1 cm Thickness to provide comfort cushion and protection. Heavy Duty and Non Slip textured Surface provide excellent grip and is completely waterproof, making it easy to clean. This can be used for indoors or outdoors use. Interlocking mats are simple to install and can be used for various purposes from Babies Nursery, Kids Play Rooms, Kitchen, Garage, Indoors, Outdoors, Gym, Fitness, Exercises etc.

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